Short Essay
Write a short essay of 1000 words (about 4 A4 pages) excluding bibliography following only one of these options:
1- An essay on a large-scale distributed security protocol or standard, such as OpenID or OAuth, Shibboleth or others
2- An essay on the security issues, solutions and technologies in large-scale small devices, or what is known as the Internet of Things
3- An essay on the various technologies available for formally modelling and analysing security properties in computer systems
4- An essay on security access control models and their application in modern computing systems, these could for example include RBAC, Chinese Walls, or mandatory security models. The application areas have to be relevant to modern technologies
5- An essay studying the current attacks on Web security , for example Web privacy attacks
Your essay should include an introduction of the common security problems in the chosen domain, various solutions proposed and/or models, technologies and definitions, and it should conclude with a discussion on where the future of the domain is heading. You should make use of reliable references (i.e. non-Wikipedia like) and should include figures to illustrate various concepts. When formal definitions are available, i.e. in mathematical or logical forms, in literature, you should also include these.

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Introduction and preface to the problem
Web privacy is a key web security concern to almost all the internet users now a days. Lapses in Web security essentially possessing the threat to the privacy loss. All the information related to the personal identity, web browsing history, web activities are some of the essential key concerns that people loose during the web privacy attack. Information revolution spurred in the recent times added to the significance to the problem severity. The ease in the access to the personal information coupled with the ready availability of the personal data made the web privacy attack more and more vulnerable. Web privacy problem stems from two important reasons in general, one is the inherently open, non-deterministic nature of the web as well as the complex leakage prone information flow of many web based transactions involving the transfer of the sensitive personal information(Jackson,2006).
Diverse ways of the web privacy breach...
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