Why do people lie?

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Why do people lie? It is easy to think of many situations in everyday life where people are forced to lie. What is the premise for lying or why do people feel compelled to lie? Is it to hide something, to make something appear more or better than it is, or simply to get out of a pressure situation. It seems that all of the above apply and the result is everyone it seems lies on a daily basis. Despite being outlawed in the Ten Commandments, ordinary God-fearing, good people lie every day.

In 1996, Bella DePaulo, Ph.D. did a study to prove that lying is a common condition. She took 147 people, aged 18 to 71, and asked them to keep track of their lies. Most of the participants lied at least once a day. This adds up to about 30% of their interactions being false in the course of a week. (Kornet) These statistics beg, the question then, why is lying so common despite being clearly not a desirable trait? The answer, of course, lies in a multitude of things....

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