This essay can be about anything as long as it's a personal narrative essay. It needs to include the 5 senses taste, touch, smell, sight, sound. Also some of the W's - What? When? Where? Who? Why? How?

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I had been asking for a new bicycle as long as I could remember. About six months earlier I'd finally learned how to ride without training wheels. After all those crashes, bruises, and hard work I thought I deserved a new bike. "Please, mom," I begged, "I deserve it. I'm tired of getting brother's hand-me-downs." She couldn't argue with that. For years, I'd had to suffer through wearing my brother's old jeans, shirts, and even tenner shoes. I was finally going to establish myself, demand that I get something new. I looked at her with as much determination as I could muster and asked again, "Pretty Please." I'd already picked out a shiny red new Scwhinn with fat tires and a bell on the front. In my mind I could see myself riding it and the thought of not getting it was almost unbearable....

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