Must be 6-8 pages long. Must research each term and use the research sources gathered to form a 6 to 8 page paper.
Topic Study
-Bayer's Factor 8
-Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal
-Krever Commission
-Clinton AIDS Initiative

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In Walt Bognanich’s and Eric Coli’s “2 paths of Bayer drug in 80’s: Riskier one steered overseas” two writers explain how did Bayer Company and its division Cutter act when its head found out that the cure for hemophilia that the company used to manufacture had significant consequences on consumers’ health, especially that in some cases it caused HIV. After the chairman of the company found out about side effects of the drug and the USA and Europe denied its usage, Cutter decided not to waste them, but to sell them to countries in South America and others Asian developed and undeveloped countries for a full year after the breakthrough of the news.
Hemophilia is a rare decease. It’s characterized by non stop bleeding of an opened wound and lack of adequate blood control in our body. Thereby hemophiliacs must receive therapy which implies taking medicine that is also rare and recently invented. This medicine is called Factor 8 concentrate and I will tell more about it in this paper. This paper will also contain facts and conclusions about the process of distributing inadequate and contagious cure for hemophilia.
Company had been taking infected blood from prisoners not even considering health issues and the circumstances in which those people give blood. Also this paper will consider an issue of intentional selling of improper cure from Bayer Company to countries abroad and much needed support by FDA health official which should be treated as an accomplice in this scandal....
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