Write 10 pages talking about a Russian film: Ballad of a Soldier.

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This Russian movie was made in 1959 by Grigori Chukhrai who is also the co-writer of this story. Although Russian cinematography from that time was concentrated on the Red Army’s glorious victories and all the horrors of World War II, this director and co-writer decided that it was time to bring forward the individual cost and effect this war had on human lives. Being a decorated wounded war veteran himself, Grigori tried to express bravery, kindness and generosity of human beings during their lives in this terrible time. It is a known fact that any war brings out the best and the worst in people. The worst is obvious and doesn’t need to be pointed out. But in the state of war most of the human beings immediately become unselfish, brave, generous and modest. This can be seen in several moments in this movie.
The director starts the movie with a narrative story of an older woman standing on an empty country road watching in the distance and desperately hoping that she would see her son returning from the front, however the narrator tells us immediately that her son is dead and buried in a foreign country. Anyone who has seen a great number of these types of movies in his or her life would predict that what follows is a story about the son of this woman and how he went to the front to fight for his motherland.
As predicted the movie continues at the front displaying two young men in a trench facing German tanks that are approaching. One of them tries to escape, but gets himself shot right away, and the other stays and informs Russian Headquarters about the situation. After receiving an order to retreat this soldier, more out of self-preservation than bravery, single handedly destroys two German tanks. Arriving to his unit, the general wants to decorate this soldier, but the soldier asks instead for a leave to see his mother and to fix her leaking roof and to say goodbye properly, because he didn’t have the time to do it when he was leaving for the front.
In this moment we realize that this soldier is in fact the son of the woman from the beginning of the movie. His name is Alexei Nikolaevich Skvortsov, but he presented himself as Alyosha, because that is how his mother and his friends back at the village called him. Because he lives very far the...
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