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a. Tyrion Lannister, a Texas State Senator representing the Woodlands, has recently been elected to the U.S. Congress. You have been hired as his top assistant. Please describe how you will prepare Rep. Lannister for how the different the U.S. Congress is different from the Texas legislature. Further, what are some the key activities that Rep. Lannister must engage in and why? Finally, what are the things that he can do to improve his incumbency advantage?
Formatting Guidelines
12-point Times New Roman font
1-1.5 inch margins
Word Documents or PDFs—we will not accept any other format.
Use Chicago Style citations (author-date system) (this means BOTH in-text citations and a References page). A template for the Author-date system with Chicago Style is found HERE.View in a new window
You only need to use material from this class (i.e. the textbook, other assigned readings or videos, and the lecture), however, you MUST CITE anything you reference, including the textbook. Remember, citations are not only used for direct quotations. (textbook name is the american political system,2e)
3-4 (single spaced) pages excluding the works-cited page.

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For Tyrion Lannister’s new position within the United States Congress, I will provide him with an in-depth comparison and summary of the similarities and differences between the United States Congress and the Texas Senate in order to better prepare him for his new professional position in new surroundings. He will need to be aware that his prior position within the Texas Legislature was a small stepping stone to the United States Congress, which is an institutions that functions on a much larger scale. The issues he dealt with on the local level, as representative of the Woodlands, serve as only a morsel of the much larger and complex issues he will have deal with as a member of the United States Congress. I will also provide him with a list of pressing national and international issues that will require his attention and initiative, as well asthe ways in which working on these issues and showing results will help him improve his incumbency advantage.
For starters, it is important to note the differences in structure, composition and functionality between the United States Congress - Mr. Lannister’s new place of employment, and the Texas Legislature - Mr. Lannister’s former place of employment. Here are some basic facts and statistics to begin with: Unlike the Texas Legislature which meets once every two years, the United States Congress meets once a year, on the first Monday in...

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