Multisource Essay. Select two academic sources about the movie The Titanic or anything related to the Titanic.
What is it that made this movie so fascinating to viewers? 4 pages will be more than enough.

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The two articles that represent main sources for the following discussion are dealing with the same issue in a different way. First and most obvious difference is more than fifteen years time scope between the two. Having this in mind, equally strong fascination with the topic shown by both writers is very interesting, to say the least. First article, named simply “Titanic” and written by famous movie critic of the Chicago Sun-Times, Roger Ebert, in 1997, was published some time after James Cameron’s movie “Titanic” was shown in the movies for the first time. Very professional review and discussion on the topic of global fascination that was born with the movie is the reason I found this particular article useful for my research. (Ebert, “Titanic”) Second article, titled “Unsinkable: Why we can’t let go of the Titanic” was published much later, in 2012 by Daniel Mendelsohn, a writer and a member of Titanic enthusiasts of America. (Mendelsohn, “Unsinkable: Why we can’t let go of the Titanic”) The article was published only few days after the original James Cameron’s Titanic was shown in the movies, but in 3D version this time. One might think that new version of this extraordinary...
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