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How do the art reference help us get to know the nameless narrator?
Why does it matter?
Thesis: The novel explores suicide as a meaningful / relevant / necessary choice, and does so through the nameless narrator's philosophy,through references to paintings and through the idea that suicide is a form of art, choice, and freedom.

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After finishing reading this novel, I felt a little bit lost. First of all, the book is styled in such a type of writing which is based on jumping from one story to another and back, so, it is hard to connect all the characters and their stories. Kim also used several pseudonyms for his characters which made it even more difficult. After going over the book one more time things became a little more clear, and characters reveal their identities, connections and fates, but the identity of the nameless narrator remains a mystery.
The first characterization of the nameless narrator and his business would be that he was an owner of a help-line telephone company who offered advice or solutions for the problems of ordinary people. It was afterwards, nearly at the end of the novel that I could realize that he was in fact helping them to commit suicide....

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