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Writing's Influences on Our Educations

This assignment is not designed to produce an essay for the class. Instead, this week, you will produce a class discussion posting that is worth 30 points.
Because of the nature of online education, we have been reading your writing, if you’ve been actively participating, for the last three weeks. Sometimes a person’s writing style says a lot about her/his personal and educational background, but, more often than not, such assumptions are false.
Take the time now to describe, using specific examples (work on those concrete description skills!), how your writing skills have shaped or influenced your education, or have developed since you first began writing or first began to write essays. This is a broad topic, so that you can tackle it from any narrative method or starting point in your life that you would like to use. Try to keep this class discussion post to less than 500 words, but I will not penalize you if it is longer (although your peers may grumble a bit).

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I have always had issues with the writing process, even more so since I started college. As a difficult challenge, essays and writing in general were a large obstacle, one in many, that I had to overcome in order to grow as a person and a scholar. One of the most difficult aspects of writing is the fact that I am a very vocal person, so writing always came second to speaking. There was...

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