Argument paper on "global warming: a man made disaster"
The position taken is that global warming IS a man made disaster.
Has to have 5 reliable sources, at least 1500 words.

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In a time of science and technology humanity is increasingly trying to change the natural world to suit specific needs – either technological, biological, agricultural or any other that facilitate human life. Sudden industrial development and demographic explosion over the last century play a vital role in the devastation of the environment which in turn has a negative effect on the human health – which is evident from the never so frequent pulmonary and respiratory diseases – life and society in general.
During the second half of the 20th century, it has become increasingly obvious that human activity has significant – in many cases harmful – consequences on the environment as a whole. These consequences increasingly threaten the future of the planet, but also the very survival of the human race. One of the most visible and most commonly cited changes is global warming, which is thought to be a direct product of increased emissions of glasshouse gasses and other elements into the atmosphere. This causes the atmosphere to retain more sun rays, which in turn heat the surface of the planet, causing melting of the ice caps, could cause significant increases in sea levels and drastic changes to the climate all over the world. These anthropogenic changes affect all areas of life on Earth, from plant and animal life to the quality of life of humanity (Pachauri et al., 2014; Field, 2014; Woodward et al., 2014; O’Hare, Weeney & Wilby, 2014; Bulkeley & Newell, 2015).
However, this is not to say that the climate did not, or will not change outside of the...
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