Conservation and Community in Tohono Chul Park: A Visual-Spatial Rhetorical Analysis (1240 words)

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• Select a “text” (see Guidelines below) and assess its rhetorical effectiveness through a visual-spatial analysis. Your essay must identify the rhetorical situation (creator, purpose, audience[s], context) of the text. Your thesis, and your essay as a whole, should address WHAT the text is doing (its purpose or argument), HOW it is doing that (persuasive strategies), and WHY it is effective or not effective for its intended audience.
• Do not devote too much time to introductions or conclusions; the bulk of your work should be dedicated to analysis (the WHAT, the HOW and the WHY). The introduction should state the text’s purpose and the analytical thesis of this paper, as well as briefly introduce/describe the text. The conclusion should discuss the implications of your analysis and offer your final thoughts on the rhetorical effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the piece.
• Your essay must be separated into paragraphs that form a coherent and logical argument. It should contain concise (short) descriptions of the spatial text that support your argument. Your essay needs to be fully developed, with each point you make adequately supported by illustrations from the text and thoroughly explained in full and clear detail (PIE).

• Select a physical location – a place (e.g. a neighborhood – close to or far from – campus, a Tucson hotspot, an unusual place in a community that you have already visited that caught your attention and suggests further investigation, or even a part of the UA campus) to analyze as a space. Your analysis must include the physical place and the objects (e.g. artwork, billboards, architecture, advertising, etc.) within it.
• Your essay must follow MLA guidelines for format
• Your rhetorical analysis should be accompanied by a brief cover memo to the creator of the place. Imagine it is your job to write this analysis to tell the creator how the place is being used as a space, what this space therefore means, the rhetorical effectiveness of its design, and why you think so.

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TO: Jane Smith, Lead Park Designer
SUBJECT: Visual-spatial rhetorical analysis of Sin Agua and Barrio Gardens

Ms. Smith,

This memo is intended to accompany the attached visual-spatial rhetorical analysis of Tohono Chul Park’s Sin Agua and Barrio Gardens. My rhetorical analysis finds the gardens to be exceedingly effective at evoking the Park’s mission of informing and inspiring conservation and community. In particular, the two gardens complement each other to deliver the Park’s message in some of the most rhetorically-effective ways possible.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the attached rhetorical analysis, please feel free to contact me at [email] or [phone number].

Thank you for your time, and many thanks for your work in making Tohono Chul Park the national and natural treasure it is today.

Conservation and Community in Tohono Chul Park – a Visual-Spatial Rhetorical Analysis

This visual-spatial rhetorical analysis is about the space delimited, encapsulated, and represented by the Tohono Chul Park in Tuscon, AZ. The analysis focuses in particular upon two related but distinct sections of the park, the Sin Agua Garden and the Barrio Garden – by...
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