In approximately 1000 words, write an essay on technological capitalism and its reworking of the social world; make sure to properly cite all sources used.

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The idea that technology is a disinterested, value-free, deterministic agent of one-way change in society—the way a lightning strike can play a part in the nitrogen cycle or cause a forest fire—is appealing because it draws on our intuitive, pre-theoretical notions of technology’s progenitor – science. On our standard, commonly held view of the relationship between science, technology, and society, science is “objective, value-free, and discovered” (Bijker, 2001, p. 21). Science then results in technology, an “autonomous force” (p. 21), causing—but not undergoing, or being caused by—societal change. Contrast this standard view with Bijker’s constructivism, which sees “technological artifacts” and “social institutions” as shorthand for sociotechnical ensembles...

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