In this project, you will be asked to explore different cultures and traditions. To that end, you ill focus on one aspect of a culture and tradition: food. You will analyze one photograph from the Hungry Planet Series:What the World Eats by answering questions that will give your reader insight into the rhetorical appeals (pathos, logos, and ethos) at work in the photograph, the meaning of the photograph beyond its individual parts, and the relevance of the photograph in both a global and a local context.

To give your reader background, you should research the context of the food represented in the photograph, such as the country, the region, the economic significance, and the nutritional value. However, the majority of your essay should focus on what story the photographer is trying to share with you through the camera lens. You might consider questions such as: How is the photographer establishing credibility (ethos) with the viewer? Why should we trust what is being shown? How is the photographer appealing to the viewer's emotion (pathos)? What elements does the photographer choose to foreground, and why? You must use secondary research to support your analysis, so you must choose your photograph from the Hungry Planet series early in the project’s sequence.

Composing your own Hungry Planet Photograph:
Once you understand the purposeful decisions that go into the construction of the Hungry Planet photographs, it is time for you to compose and produce your own Hungry Planet photograph. Using a smartphone or a digital camera, you will compose and submit one photograph that documents what a week's worth of food looks like in your life. In addition to this photograph, you will write a short reflective essay that both explains the choices you made in the construction of your photograph and reflects on the overall experience of creating the photograph.
What The World Eats – The Manzo Family From Sicily

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World is a place full of difference; cultural, social, economic, religious. However, one thing is constant across all of these, people have to eat. In an effort to capture the differences in eating habits around the world, acclaimed photographer Peter Menzel joined forces with director Faith D’Aluisio and created a series of photographs called „What the world eats“. The series depicts the eating preferences of families across the world in a simple and understandable way. Every family displays their usual weekly food choice in their dining environment. This works on two ways; first it offers the viewer a chance to see how people live in different countries; and second, what they eat....

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