Write about "The Bhagavad- Gita".
Include in your essay a portion that describes and explains the historical, literary and cultural background of the Gita. This should not take up more than one-third of your paper. This portion should includes the dates associated with the writing of the Gita, information about who wrote it, where it was written, etc. Be sure to include information about the fact that it is an excerpt from a larger work.
THE WRITING PROMPT: In addition to the information above, you must write the larger portion of your essay, at least three or four paragraphs, as a thesis-drive composition responding to this: How is the Gita a set of instructions for self-mastery? Choose one of its many rich themes to focus on don't take on the whole book! You might choose the battlefield setting as metaphor for "the war within" each of us to help you focus. You could focus on the idea of duty, or the idea of selfless action, or the role of the various types of yoga.

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Welcome to the mystical world of Bhagavad Gita! This ancient Hindu poem is also known as “Gita” alone. It was composed between 2nd century BC and the 2nd century AD. Bhagavad Gita stresses the importance of doing one’s duty and of faith in God (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 2016). This text is considered to contain all important things that a Hindu needs to know in order to lead a good life on Earth. But is it rational to think that a poem can teach us the wisdom of life? What are the ideas that hide between the lines of this old book that still make it contemporary and interesting for the people today? And finally, what is it that we can learn from reading Bhagavad Gita?   
According to the Ancient History Encyclopedia (2016) Bhagavad Gita means “the song of the Lord”. This is an old poem that is a part of the longest Indian epic called “The Mahabharata”. It consists of 18 brief chapters and about 700 verses (Ancient History Encyclopedia 2016). Apart from the first chapter, it is speculated that Gita was a text “per se”. This idea is grounded in the fact that the poem does not contribute to the development of Mahabharata’s plot. In addition to this, the content and the writing styles in Mahabharata and in Bhagavad Gita are different. Moreover, as soon as Gita finishes, Mahabharata resumes to its previous narration style (Ancient History Encyclopedia, 2016). This makes this text even more mystical as it appears like it has come from the unknown.
Bhagavad Gita is an old Indian poem that is very important in Hinduism. Its significance is not solely seen in its literature value but also in the philosophical message the text carries within. This is the reason...

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