What is a Union Salt? Research and write a short paper that answers this question. Make sure you include:
•A description of a 'union salt'.
•An explanation of how 'salts' are utilized.
•Your opinion of this tactic.

2 - 4 pages. Make sure you properly cite your references in APA format.

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“Salting” is the practice of labor unions to attempt to access nonunionized employees by having a union organizer apply for a job with the nonunion employer. This is done in order to then attempt to begin the process of unionizing the target workplace – the organizer and job applicant is known as a “union salt” (Howlett, 2003, p. 201). At the start of Howlett’s copious footnotes, the significance of the practice or ‘tactic’—depending on the extent to which one intends to be pejorative—of salting is flagged in citing the decades-long debate and battle over the legitimacy of a “union’s right to access nonunion employees” (p. 201). Naturally...

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