Essay #1 Write a 500 word essay, in MLA format on the topic below....

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Essay #1
Write a 500 word essay, in MLA format on the topic below. Be sure to discuss three poems, as they support your thesis.
Three Poems:
1. We wear the mask by Paul Laurence Dunbar
2. Bitch by Carolyn Kizer
3. Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson

Reality vs. Illusion. Often what we believe is real, is not. As we go beneath the layers of our fellow humans and the worlds, we see how much more there is to know. What do the poems for this unit point out as the reality of life.

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Distance in the Perception of Persons – The Definition of Illusion vs. Reality

In this brief paper, I argue for a particular theory of persons as presented by the three poems analyzed here. This theory is concerned with the illusions and realities at play in the perception of people – both of them by the world, and by them of the world. My idea here, with support drawn from the three poems, is that a sort of vast and...

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