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Automatically Detection of Violent Actions during disturbance

Advances in social networks, multimedia, and computer technologies make the process of recording and distributing salient events through the Internet very popular. When a riot occurs, investigators end up with thousands of recorded videos submitted by users or downloaded from the Internet. To track suspects and to make investigations, detectives are required to analyze all available videos and summarize them. For instance, after the 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup riot, more than 1,600 hours of video were recorded by citizens and sent to the Vancouver Police Department as evidence [4]. The exhaustive manual investigation of these video data is highly time and resource-consuming. Automated detection techniques of salient events would offer a more efficient solution to this problem.

Write scientific essay of 15-20 pages of why video automated detection techniques would be beneficial for investigators. Consider that the system would automatically detect the following most interesting cases:

(1) Fire detection: The system will automatically segment videos contain fire, which shows who contributes in starting the fire, as well as who help in putting off the fire.

(2) Violent detection: The detection system will segment videos contain violent actions that include fist fight, flipping cars, throwing heavy objects, jumping on cars, hitting store windows and doors.

The essay should contain the following sections (suggested pages included):
(1) Introduction (4-5 pages):
a. Definition of the riot/crowd and why it is occurring
(2) Stanley Cup Riot 2011(4-5 pages)
a. What was the riot's precipitating event or cause?
b. How the riot develops and unfold?
c. Why did the riot occur when it did?
d. What is the larger social, economic, and political context in which the riot took place?
(3) How video automatically detection can benefit the investigators (3-5 pages)

Consider including statistics and images with references.

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What was the riot's precipitating event or cause?
The ostensible precipitating event for the riot was the Vancouver Canucks’ impending loss to the Boston Bruins in the final game of the Stanley Cup finals. The riot began before the game had concluded, once it became clear the Canucks would lose (1). This riot was not entirely unprecedented; a similar riot occurred in 1994 when the Vancouver Canucks lost to the New York Rangers, though to a smaller scale than the 2011 riot (2). For example, it is estimated that the 1994 rioters numbered between 40,000 and 70,000, while as many as an estimated 155,000 people were present in the riot area in 2011 (3); a key caveat is that it is unclear how many of the 155,000 number were involved in rioting, vandalism, and looting, and how many were bystanders who were actively spectating the riot, encouraging rioters, or were inadvertently unable to leave the area; a similar caveat presumably applies in the 1994 case.
However, somewhat counterintuitively, the proportions of active rioters and bystanders in the crowd were less pertinent to management of the situation than was the total number—155,000—present in the area. The size of the crowd is the critical factor cited by the Independent Review, commissioned by the BC Government, as determinative of the inability to either stop the riot in its tracks as it started or to quickly manage the...

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