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Unfortunately, stories involving mass shootings in high schools and universities have become common news headlines in America. Often the shooter is an individual who seems to be someone who feels like an outsider, one who does not feel integrated into his or her community. Do some research on this topic, as well as recall and analyze your own experiences and observations as a high school and/or college student. Based on your research and analysis, what factors do you think push some students to the fringe? Advocate specific approaches and strategies high schools and colleges might take to reduce the anger within such individuals.

Your essay should follow the Rogerian Argument Organizational Plan

• The words and ideas you use from other sources, including the textbook, should be cited properly with intext parenthetical citations.

• This paper should be in MLA format.

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One of the most commonly cited causes for school shootings is the supposed psychological effect of violent video games on the psyches of the shooters. In this essay, I argue—based on research—that the issue of video game violence is a useful red herring. I do not intend to make the point that proponents of a substantial connection between video game violence and real-world aggression are acting in bad faith; quite the contrary, their intentions are almost certainly good, even if their conclusions are likely mistaken. Rather, the issue is a useful red herring in that debunking it is useful, for how far more important, far more substantial causes of real-world violence are thereby highlighted. I then close with some suggestions for how high schools and colleges might approach the daunting task of helping their troubled students, toward—hopefully—making school shootings the unlikeliest and rarest of tragedies....

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