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Articulate and defend a specific thesis in analysis of Hughes' "Salvation" and Heker's "The Stolen Party"
- minimum 1250 words
- no outside sources

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Langston Hughes’ “Salvation” is the story of Hughes’ recollections and reliving of a church revival from his childhood. Much of the story is set in Hughes’ experiences of a raucous church ceremony in which he and many other children were prompted to declare their faith by leaving their seats and walking up to the church altar. Young Langston finds himself the last child seated, still waiting to literally see and accept Jesus. In response to the congregation’s insistent prayer, song, and direct pleading, and in response to his own internal deliberations, Langston finds himself with little choice but to make the walk up to the altar, despite his revelation having failed to occur. Liliana Heker’s “The Stolen Party” is the story of Rosaura attending the birthday party of a girl she considers her friend, Luciana. But, Luciana is the daughter of Rosaura’s mother’s employer, Senora Ines – Rosaura is the maid’s daughter. In spite of her mother’s warnings, Rosaura attends the party thinking she is an invited guest, a belief she unwittingly maintains while Senora Ines makes full use of Rosaura’s assistance during the party. At the end of the party, the illusion is shattered when, instead of the party gifts all the other children received, Senora Ines gives Rosaura money while thanking her for her help. This analysis makes the case that, in Hughes’ critique of the religious indoctrination of children, and in Heker’s...

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