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This grant is applicable to my context because, by funding investigative work that leverages existing research on the sources and progressions of substance abuse, toward the development of more effective treatment programs, it fits my interest in the potential for nurse-driven treatment programs concerned with mitigating post-treatment relapse. The eligibility criteria for applying for the grant include: organization eligibility; required.

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Perspective, Accidents, and the Nonsense of Just Deserts

In this brief discussion, I argue for the idea that the question of whether Fortunato and Louise Mallard deserved their fates is inapplicable and—perhaps—nonsensical. Ultimately, my point is that such questions and concerns run aground on the stark limits of perspective and the stark realities of the myriad, innumerable accidents of life.
From the extremely limited information we are given in “The Cask of Amontillado”, it is near impossible to say whether—in some objective sense—Fortunato’s fate was a deserved one. And, as a vital aside, it bears noting that it should not be taken for granted that there was anything Fortunato could have done to Montresor to deserve the way he met his end. It is of course by no accident that the information we have is limited, it is by Poe’s design. We hear and ‘see’ the story from Montresor’s...

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