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Many young women believe that their mothers were overly stressed out by the twin burdens of parenting and a high-powered career. They saw how burning the candle at both ends dramatically altered the family structure and believe that they were not as well-adjusted as their parents (who had mothers of their own who worked at home). The elite college women who want to be homemakers is surprising, but they have that option if they marry a partner who earns a lot of money, it is supposed.

Question: Does the maternal instinct override a woman's desire to have a career at a specific age? (for example a female lawyer in her early to mid 30s with no children). Do women feel accomplished if they have a tremendous career but no offspring (either biological or adopted)?

For this essay, instead of giving a summary, find an argument that you can make about the readings (can be simply comparing and contrasting - how they are different/same) and create a clear thesis statement in your introduction. You will back up this thesis statement throughout your paper and bring it up again in your conclusion.

Readings for this essay:
-Miller, Lisa. "The Retro Wife." New Yorker. 17 Mar 2013: Web. 29 Sept. 2013.
-Orenstein, Catherine. "Housewife Wars." Ms. Magazine. Web. 29 Sept 2013.

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A Changing Feminism?

Second generation feminists who grew up during the 1960s were the first group of women who believed and fought for a woman’s permanent role outside the house raising a family. However, their daughters, who they believed were supposed to follow their example, are starting to revert back to the older, more traditional female roles when given the opportunity. Their parents who battled tooth and nail for the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s are perplexed. Why are their daughters not as outwardly passionate about the feminist cause as they were?...

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