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Read the selection from How to Lie with Statistics. Write an analytical response to the reading that is 500-750 words in length. Choose one of your sources that you are already using that uses statistics.

Consider the following questions as you draft your response: How do you know that your source's statistical usage is reliable or not? In what way(s) do the statistics help contribute or detract from the author's goal in your source?

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Lies, Big Lies, and Statistics
Huff’s article was a useful, interesting, and entertaining read. It is written in a lively manner and contains a great number of specific examples of how statistics can be cited in order to deceive the reader. It really feels that the author knew very well what he was writing about. What struck me most, though, was that all the tricks described by Huff, without exceptions, are still widely used nowadays just as they were back in the 1950-ies when the article was first published. Playing with average numbers as opposed to median figures, misleading graphs, and out-of-context information are still a part of the public discourse. It does not take much time or effort to look for examples, everyone will easily find them in almost any newspaper or magazine, not to mention commercial advertising. After...

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