Write at least 700 words explaining a concept about the topic: Wha...

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Write at least 700 words explaining a concept about the topic:
What effects do cell phones have on teenagers?

Use these two development strategies

Classification/Division and Cause/Effect.

Do not use any secondary sources.

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Over the past decade, teenagers are being profoundly affected by cell phones. Advances in smartphone technology are tuning many teenagers out of classroom activities and zoning them out of the world around them. Social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are being used by teenagers to cyber-bully their peers. Recently, many stories of cell phone cyber-bullying have led to teenagers committing suicide, causing tragedy for families around the country. Prior to smartphone technology, bullying was still common, but the methods of bullying are more pervasive than ever due to the speed that a group of friends can conglomerate around a victim’s Facebook page and post horrible, abusive messages...

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