Write an essay and in it describe a computer technology of your choice and the key role, and impact it’s had on society.

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Fourth generation (4G) technology, which has been in place since 2007 for mobile phones, consists of several revolutionary advances not available for earlier cellular phones. For example a 4G cell phone is able to stream data at much higher speeds, from 100 megabits/second to 1 gigabyte/second at peak operating speed. 4G also allowed more efficient videoconferencing, which gave professionals the opportunity to conduct meetings from remote areas. A CEO could be on vacation in the Caribbean and conduct a low-level meeting with his board at the same time face-to-face through a 4G phone equipped with Skype telecommunication technology.
Frattasi et al (36) note that users demanded exact train times and weather forecasts in the morning before they traveled to work in the morning. One example of live train times working through 4G technology is the Metro-North Train Time service in New York City. Commuters are able to download an application from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) that provides exact train times, delays, and emergencies in real time from the Hudson, Harlem, and New Haven train lines...

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