Reflection is an important aspect of learning. In your final assign...

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Reflection is an important aspect of learning. In your final assignment, you will write a memo reflecting on the course, the writing projects that you have done, what you have learned and how it relates to your career.
In your course reflection memo, be sure to address all of the following points:
• The Course. Reflect on the class in general. Look back on the course objectives from the syllabus, and from the learning objectives for each week. What did you learn about technical writing? How did your idea of what technical writing is change in these five weeks? What concepts from the course will be useful in your job? Explain with an example or two.
• The Assignments and Your Learning. Look back at your writing assignments 1 through 4. What did you learn from writing these assignments? What do these projects show about you as a communicator in the workplace? What skills did you gain during the course? What old skills did you revisit or improve? Explain with an example or two.
• Your Career. Place this course and your writing assignments in the context of your career. How does what you learned make you a better job candidate? How does this course fit with your career goals? What connections can you make between this course and the other courses in the RN to BSN program? Explain with an example or two.
• Questions. What questions about technical writing were raised for you during the course? Overall, how do you judge your learning?
Note that this assignment does not ask you to simply answer these questions. Instead, it asks you to reflect on your learning in a coherent narrative. I am also not looking for fluffy contents. Please be sure to provide solid examples to support your reflection.
• Use business memo format
• Single-spaced
• At least 600 words

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Throughout the course of Technical writing at the university of Texas at Arlington I have acquired and further improved my practical communication skills through a number of practical assignments and discussions. Gaining experience in writing professional documents such as resumes, job letters instructions, technical descriptions, memos and proposals has greatly equipped me with the necessary skills for my future career in nursing and professional development. I have learned the strategies for writing clear and concise technical documents, explored the principles of good communication design and learned how to use visuals in the before...

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