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The Sedaris essay you read talks about how often people give humanistic traits to non-human--or even inanimate--objects, and sometimes they develop emotional relationships with those things that are completely out of proportion with their relative importance to other humans. He illustrates this fact by showing, primarily in one extended example of April the spider, how he himself has fallen into this sort of relationship. Has this happened to you or do you know someone who seems to have done this? If you choose this option you will write an essay that illustrates how a person can develop an almost human relationship with animals or inanimate objects.

April & Paris
Caught in the web of nature.
By David Sedaris

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In December 2010, my friend, Liz, found an injured iguana struggling to climb up a neighbor’s mailbox. The sight of the suffering lizard – its tail was severely damaged – created a very intense connection, which lasts to date. What started as a first-aid response soon became an obsession that had Liz create a new home for the iguana in her room establish a strict feeding plan – including midnight shopping for vegetables – and developing negative relationships with anyone deemed a threat or in dislike of the iguana. The iguana’s name was ‘Mitchie.’ Liz’s relationship with the iguana and the ensuing obsession, overprotection, excessive care, and compromising some of her commitments for the lizard, demonstrates human’s great ability to develop deep relationships with animals and inanimate objects. The following essay explains the development of these relationships using empathy, baby schema, attitude, and the attachment theory.
According to Borgi and Cirulli (2016), humans have an inherent attention bias towards infantile or cute faces. The innocence of many young offspring – humans or animals – motivates caretaking and encourages individuals into establishing a dedicated commitment to the growth or protection of the infants. This concept, referred to as the baby schema, was developed by Lorenzo Konrad to explain the involvement of adults in taking care of infants. This idea is rife in human-animal relationship....

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