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Write a short paper that synthesizes the relationship between specific issues that we have read about and discussed in class with those presented in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.
There is no specific prompt for the paper-you are tasked with developing your thesis on your own based on your interests and close reading of the book and our course materials.

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A central part of what makes dystopian stories so captivating is that they play on our seemingly in-built ability to imagine and partake in a fictional, terrifying, near-future while apprehending in amazement how near that possible future is to our own. However, another less explicit but perhaps more important part of the appeal of dystopian stories is that they force a reevaluation of the present, particularly in terms of how much the present really is similar to the imagined dystopia: A potential dystopia is on a continuum with the present, but how much of that dystopia already exists and differs only in degree? Worryingly, is the present in fact worse than an imagined dystopia precisely because the fictional dystopia’s terrors are explicit and on-the-nose while the present’s terrors are more surreptitious and, by the way they are interwoven with the rest of our reality, more accepted? Finally, worst of all, is the present in fact dystopic in great part because of the concealment and acceptance afforded it by the stories we tell ourselves in the present?
This brief discussion is premised on the idea that the issue of the stories we tell...

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