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This class discussed the effects of technology on the individual and society. The concern as this class ends is what to do to make sure 1984 and Brave New World are stopped-- if you believe they are already established, or what needs to be done to prevent them in the future. You are to render a solution for one of the topic concerns below. Make sure your solution has an opposition.
You are to demonstrate Classic Logical Argument Structure offering logical claims and qualifying assumptions.
All evidence should come from Primary or Secondary sources. MLA citations in text and a Works Cite page are required.
Topic Concern: Propaganda, Mind Control through Media.

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Media, especially television and radio multinationals, have tremendously contributed towards shaping the political, economic, and cultural values using repetitive propagandas that change society’s perceptions, beliefs, and opinions. The use of propaganda by the media has primarily been aimed at influencing political and economic beliefs (Soules 13). In the United Kingdom, for example, mainstream media played a critical role in influencing the political outcomes (Newman 34). In the United States, the media has been engaged in numerous controversies over the authenticity of their contents with counterpropaganda agencies presenting verifiable evidence to challenge some of the contents (AllcottandGentzkow 220). Mainstream media has emerged as a strong social and cultural tool that influences public opinions through the manipulation and repetitive marketing of propaganda. An effective counter-propaganda strategy would require the use public policy responses to assess, control, monitor, and regulate information authenticity and credibility.
Media Propaganda, Mind Control, and Public Opinion
The primary objective of mainstream media propaganda is altering the public opinion. The public opinion refers to the prevalent belief and perception of an activity, an individual, a political system, or any other agenda of interest to the society. The primary determinants or shapers of public opinion include shared cultural, historical, economic, or political beliefs, as well as, the prevalent perceptions, and practices shared by communities. In a review of the current representation of the Arab States by many western mainstream media, the public opinion of the Middle East has primarily been shaped by the ascendance of awareness and increased cultural communication (Al Arqan129). Mainstream media possesses a critical and most powerful power of information. Communication across communities and the distribution of information from one region to another is primarily the work of mainstream media. Therefore, mainstream media has the power to collect...

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