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Student papers will be 2-3 pages in length and in narrative (written) form. Papers should include the below information.
1.Descriptive information (general overview) about the National Environmental Public Health Program must be included. Special consideration must be given to the questions:What is it? What does it do? And why?
2.Include 3 important things that you learned about the environmental health program.
3.Include 2 interesting things that you found about the environmental health program.
4.Include 1 question that still exists (i.e., muddiest/unclear thing) about the environmental health program.

Students will write a 2-3 page analysis. All questions below must be addressed within your written analysis.
1.What characteristics identify and define the two broad environmental policy camps:environmentalists and cornucopians?
2.What environmental policy camp do you most identify with: environmentalists or cornucopians? Why?
3.What strategies do advocates of environmental problems use or employ to gain political support? Do you agree or disagree with these strategies?
4.What actor or actors outside government (i.e., advocacy organizations, experts, or the media) do you believe can have the greatest impact on environmental policy makers(actors) inside government? Why?

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The Pew Environmental Health Commission of 2000 identified major gaps in the analysis and the identification of community-based risks or disease outbreaks and other healthcare threats that are caused by environmental hazards and exposures to diseases (Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2018). The commission focused on the identification of response structures and policy-based preventive measures against diseases and exposures to environmental hazards. The CDC’s report on the importance of the program cites the lack of effective preventive measures against environmental-based health hazards, a lack of effective disease surveillance program, and the lack of a sufficient interconnection between risks, exposures, and disease prevalence.
The program emerged as a solution to the increase in adverse impacts of environmental hazards to the community health outcomes and the need to establish the link between hazards, exposures, and the health impacts of the environmental risks on community health outcomes. The program was developed with the aim of increasing awareness of the adverse implications of the environmental hazards, generating succinct and accurate data on the impacts of the hazards on the health outcomes of the community, as well as, identifying at-risk areas and developing policy-based criteria for mapping exposure levels and at-risk populations.
The program monitors and distributes information related to the availability of environmental hazards and the implications of the exposure on health outcomes. Similarly, the program also advances research on the relationship between disease prevalence and the level of exposure to hazardous environmental components. The program also utilizes the research and evidence-based findings to influence the development, implementation, and the...

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