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Write an essay about Computer Crime. Include the following:

• Hacking (3 types: white, grey, black)
• Pirating media/software
• Identity theft

Analyse problems and information
Synthesise information and ideas to determine a range of issues   
Evaluate impacts, components and solutions against criteria to make refinements and justified recommendations   
Make decisions about and use mode-appropriate features, language and conventions for particular purposes and contexts

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Given the scope of the topic, this brief analysis focuses upon the specific subtopic of hacks which result in massive data breaches toward the goal of eventual large-scale identity theft. Further, in the interest of novel synthesis, this analysis examines not the hacker side of these attacks but the ethical dimensions of preparedness and responses for and to attacks resulting in massive data breaches. The ethical argument presented here is that companies with responsibility for the security of large troves of personal data often have as much—if not far more—ethical culpability for large-scale data breaches than the hackers who perpetrate them....

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