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The student respondent or the complainant may apply to appeal an Academic Misconduct Review Panel ruling ONLY if: (1) there was an alleged bias of the Academic Misconduct Review Panel or one of its members, or (2) alleged failure by the Academic Misconduct Review Panel to comply with the principles of natural justice or procedural fairness, or (3) substantial new evidence previously unavailable to the Academic Misconduct Review Panel is now available. This form must be submitted to the Office of Student Conduct within FIVE (5) working days after the decision was rendered by the Academic Misconduct Review Panel. Section A: (To be completed by the Student or Faculty member) Student's Last Name: First Name: Initials: ID Number: Date of Incident: Course Name: Course Number: Course Section: Please provide a brief summary of the decision being appealed, the grounds for appeal and the expected remedy or suggested resolution. (Please attach a separate sheet if insufficient space) - Section B: (To be completed by the Office of Student Conduct) been created. Automated (au Decision to proceed on this appeal is: Approved (will be forwarded to the Academic Misconduct Appeal Panel) Rejected Comments: Print Form Date

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Dear sir/madam,
I hope that this letter will find the whole team well. This letter intends to seek a second hearing/appealing the decision that was reached at during the first hearing. There are several things that I would like to put into perspective so that I can be accorded the chance to be heard again. In this request, I will state the facts as they are to the best of my knowledge....

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