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1.You will write a no less than 625-word to no greater than 650 per question (not including the cover and reference pages) paper thoroughly discussing two of the following four focused-areas presented during this series.

a. F-A1: Explain the connection between the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) and the Defense Acquisition System (DAS) in terms of Materiel development.

b. F-A2: Discuss the Total Army Analysis process and provide two key elements that influence decisions made by Department of the Army Senior Leader's.

c. F-A3: The Army Planning Programming Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) process is a calendar driven event. Discuss the PPBE process and how it supports Army war fighting capabilities.

d. F-A4: Identify and discuss the importance of one of the Army’s Program Executive Offices (PEO) along with a program under the responsibility of the selected PEO.

2. In academic writing, format is as important as content. The format allows you to organize your findings in a logical sequence while promoting clarity. The required format for your writing assignment is the American Psychological (APA) style. APA citations are expected, an abstract is not. You must use proper citations and references to identify borrowed material and avoid plagiarism.

3. The readings and learning activities in this series will introduce you to the Force Management processes of the Department of Defense and U.S. Army. For this, and all writing assignments, it is crucial to base your content on research. You may use resources from your readings or lesson notes as well as any sources you gather from research to answer the focused-areas.

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How the Joint Capability Integration and Development System (JCIDS) relate with the Defense Acquisition System (DAS) in terms of Materiel Development

The JCIDS and the DAS are two of the three core decision support systems or processes that usually shape military forces to equip them with the capacity to offer the needed reinforcement to strategic guidance documents. On the one hand, JCIDS refers to a capabilities-based methodology often employed to identify not only the present day but also the future gaps in the capabilities of the joint force to execute joint war fighting missions along with functions. On the other hand, DAS is the management process through which the DOD, which abbreviates the Department of Defense, usually offers affordable, effective, and timely systems to the users. Materiel Development, on its part, represents the point in time during when the JCIDS analysis has established a capability gap and an MDD (Materiel Development Decision) review has confirmed that a materiel resolution is requisite. From the MDD standpoint, an inherent relationship between JCIDS and DAS prevails.

U.S. Army War College (2018) expresses that after the JCIDS establishes that a need for the Department of Defense to develop new materiel solution prevails, the JCIDS capability requirements process usually interacts with the Defense Acquisition System, besides the PPBE procedure, thereby providing the most productive solutions. According to U.S. Army War College (2018), it is mandatory to avail the JCIDS documents prior to reviewing each DAS milestone. In addition to this, the DAS players are obligated to submit documents to their JCIDS counterparts for approval purposes before commissioning the progress of a program beyond any given milestone....

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