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Choose a social problem that matters to you. In this paper, you will look at that issue and consider how you would deal with the problem on macro levels (agency, community, society).

You may choose a different topic if you'd like, but going deeper into the issue you have already investigated will permit you to build on the information you have already found. Now you will look at the problem in the aggregate. It doesn't just affect your individual client and family, it affects multiple individuals and families dealing with the same issue. You will begin to see the breath of social work practice by investigating the same topic at different system levels.

Example: Your first paper discussed the problem of alcoholism on a particular youth and their family. In this second, or "macro" paper, you might investigate how social workers build programs, educate communities, or advocate for funding at the legislature for alcohol treatment facilities for youth and their families.

You are free to pursue a new topic or build on what you have already learned. Choose a social problem and the population demographic - (ie: males, females, youth, gay, lesbian, Muslims, etc.) Before writing, consider the various responses to the problem and population in larger systems levels. Think "Macro" social work (ie: working in the agency, community, society levels). Use ecological systems thinking. How might you address the topic at different macro systems levels? Also, remind yourself of the roles and skills employed at larger systems levels (ie:advocacy, management/planning, policy, research, etc.)

Use the the APA template


Create a cover page and a Reference Page. Use your text, and support your statements with at least one (new) outside source, and the NASW Code of Ethics. Cite, in-text, by use of the formal APA format (ie: Author, Year of Publication, page number). Create a reference page. Remember to include all sources used and cited in the paper in the reference section. You may skip ahead in the textbook in the field of practice section that pertains to your issue. Use the essay format: Introduction, body, conclusion. Follow the directions that follow and respond to each part of the questions asked. You may build on, but may not repeat, your Part 1 Paper.


1. Cover Page (See: Part One directions or use APA format)

2. Introduction - Introduce your topic and how it affects your aggregate population - use one new outside resource

3. Body of the Paper - Create bold headings for each question. Respond to that question. These responses make up the body of your paper:

Base your responses on the text. Discuss how you would expect social workers to respond to this problem and population given:

The values and ethics of the social work profession as they may pertain to the larger client relationships (ie: agency/community/society) Refer to and cite the NASW Code of Ethics.
The history of social work and social welfare in America as they may pertain to the topic (Think: larger systems, such as the agency, the community, advocacy and society).

Social work generalist practice and the solving problem model as it is applied in larger systems (ie: Social study to evaluation)
Briefly discuss how the ecological/systems perspective is applied for work in larger systems.
Describe how the following "macro" social work interventions might be used for the topic you chose:
group work
work with communities
policy advocacy
agency/program administration

Discuss issues of social injustice (such as discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, race, class, etc.) and how they might be mitigated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Conclusion: End the paper with at least one conclusion paragraph. Apply critical thinking skills. In this paragraph, respond to the following: Based on what you've learned, what system level(s), how would you (in the role of a social worker) want to respond to the issue? Why?

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These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

Aside from the young girl and her family, Joan of Arc’s persistent absence from school is harmful to the aggregate population constituted of social workers, the community members, and the government. For example, Newsome, Anderson-Butcher, Fink, Hall, and Huffer (2008) claim that the current emphasis on accountability in schools often places excessive demands on social workers. Hence, unaccounted, persistent absenteeism from school among children creates pressure for the social work agencies, as they are required to explain the situation. At the community level, the other families might fear that their children are experiencing the same problems as Joan of Arc, hence question their safety. At the society level, the government might face the agony of absenteeism from school among children in that the situation might force the regime to implement costly programs and initiatives to address the problem although the country’s administration might be working on a limited budget. In the light of the problems created by absenteeism from school, social workers have the ultimate responsibility of addressing the social issue.
The values and ethics of social work profession as they relate to the larger client relations
The starting point is a consideration of the values and ethics of the social work profession as they relate to the broader client relationships to address absenteeism from school among students. The clients, in this case, refer to the agency, community, and society....

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