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Save Humanity!
-Consider this hypothetical situation:
-It is the present day. A huge alien ship hovers above your home and beams you aboard their ship. You are standing comfortably on a small raised platform in front of several shadowed figures seated too far away to see. A computerized voice tells you that you’ve been chosen randomly by the Or’Gank species to explain why humanity should be saved from annihilation. The voice says that the Or’Gank are technologically superior, so resistance is futile—however, they can be persuaded to be merciful and leave humanity alone.
-What will you say to SAVE HUMANITY?
-Your essay should address the Or’Gank directly.
-The purpose of your essay is to persuade the Or’Gank to agree with your opinion.
-Avoid all “logical fallacies” (see handout posted in Moodle).
-Reference 3 “reputable” texts; use in-text documentation (MLA); and include a Works Cited page.
-Use 12 point font, and double-spacing.
-Your essay must be 4 pages minimum (in the final version).

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I don't know anything about where you come from, your history and the kind of problems you might have encountered along the way as you experienced your technological superiority to transverse across planets. The human history is littered with stories of once giant civilizations and empires that crashed into dust as they tried to achieve mighty developments. With the causes of such collapses ranging from one factor to another, resources exhaustion and ecological overreach mark the most dominant contributory factors. Taking the case of the Mayan civilization in Central America, it collapsed due to such elements, and there is nothing to show its existence apart from the historical texts and some few fossils. Despite such collapses of the past, humanity still survived (Gibbons para. 2). The fact that most of the survivors had other places to escape to and start all over again gave humanity a second chance. Therefore, the extinction of that time only threated a specific...

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