“The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention” by Thomas Friedman
1. Much of Freidman’s focus is on collaboration—a theory based on collaboration. How does Friedman define the role of “collaboration” in his essay? NOT how the dictionary defines “collaboration” but how it is defined in the text. The big start is figuring out what is being created by these collaborations (hint: it’s NOT just a Dell laptop). Doing this will entail examining how “collaboration” plays within economic systems of production via “supply chains,” the effect of “mutant supply chains” and how do these models complicate Friedman’s theory of “collaboration? Use these terms to uncover the overall concept embedded in the argument of the text.

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Organizations stress the team effort and corporation of the workforce within the work environment because it is observed that such factors create a mutual environment where other factors can play effectively without conflicts. For such reasons, collaborations is viewed largely on the positive aspects and it is rarely observed as something that might cause a negative consequence. For instance, it would sound odd to say that an organizational performance was negatively affected because the employees were highly collaborative. In his essay, Friedman Thomas uses the word “flat world” to describe the consequence of collaboration in an economic perspective using the case of Dell Company. Contrary to Common belief of positivity in collaboration, Friedman’s theory highlights the different roles; both positive and negative, that collaboration plays in a society...

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