Article: The Case Against Efficiency By Nicole Fox For most of us,...

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Article: The Case Against Efficiency By Nicole Fox
For most of us, efficiency is something positive. It may not be a dominant value in our lives, but it’s something we respect. In fact, we often feel a little guilty when we’re not efficient. The attitude that there’s something wrong with efficiency seems illogical or silly.
How does Nicole Fox challenge this concept about efficiency? Your essay should analyze the strategies by which she challenges the authority of efficiency as a concept.

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Efficiency according to many people is what everyone aims to achieve in the society. In fact, success is always associated with the way something has been done in an efficient way. People have believed that for something to be very successful, it has to be very efficient. According to Nicole Fox, what people view as efficiency, is not what ought to be the case as some of the efficient things have turned out to be inefficient. In her article, she provides various instances in which the actions, especially technological developments that have been believed to be efficient have turned out to be inefficient.
She argues that there is a difference between what we people are and what we aspire to be in life. It is this aspect of life that makes people to believe...

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