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Article: Worried?Us? By Bill McKibben
From this article we gather that global warming is an issue upon which McKibben has spoken and written before. He is not simply a writer tackling an environmental topic for the first time; rather, he is a veteran environmentalist who is writing again upon a topic with which he has become very familiar—and maybe even frustrated. He's an authority on the subject with stats and figures but this isn't the whole of the essay. Within his examples and explanations McKibben is identifying a contradiction of sorts; a paradox even: name the contradiction/paradox, identify the pattern within the text (hint: there's not just one right answer; there are many), and (most importantly) explain the embedded concept(s) within this contradiction as it works within the movements of McKibbon's essay.

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Making a sole stand on a topic is always very difficult even for the most experienced and authoritative professionals in a particular field. There are often situations in which even the most competent cannot solve the paradoxes that exist, and to an extent even highlight such contradictions. In his essay, McKibben highlights paradoxes observed within the environmental issue of climate change and global warming. This essay focusses on a close analysis of the paradoxes or contradictions pointed in one of his essays titled Worried? Us? By identifying the paradox, the pattern and the embedded concepts.
A major paradox identified by McKibben in his essay that runs throughout the essay is the observation in the beginning of the essay that global warming is a dream of a few people, yet later in the essay he says that there are evidence...

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