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Write an essay about “The end of the Salem Witch Trials + Short Term / Long Term Impacts”.

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The Salem witch trials occurred in the colonial Massachusetts and lasted for one year, between 1692 and 1963. During the trials, more than 200 people were accused of being involved in witchcraft practices, also known as the Devil’s magic. The trials resulted into 20 people being murdered in an effort to flush out people perceived to be involved in dark magic (Blumberg, 2007). The majority of those executed in the witch craze were women because women were perceived to be more involved in witchcraft compared to men. The tragedy of the Salem ended when the judges involved realized their grave mistake. Even though the families affected by the trials were compensated by the colony, the story of the Salem trials became synonymous with paranoia and injustice. This paper seeks to explain the factors that brought an end to the Salem witch trials as well as its long-term and short-term impacts.
Background and Causes of the Trials
The events of the Salem...

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