Read about Road to Baghdad/Invasion, then write a 6-8 page paper on...

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Read about Road to Baghdad/Invasion, then write a 6-8 page paper on it and give a 9-11 minute presentation.

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In any military battle, the commander is always anticipated to lead their troop to success, which is measured based on how effective his or her authority has applied the principles of mission command. According to Sharpe Jr. and Creviston, mission command refers to the military commander’s exercise of control through mission guidelines to empower a disciplined operation in correspondence with the commander’s intent to empower not only agile but also leaders who can adapt in pursuance of integrated land operations. The Road to Baghdad/Invasion, which was part of the OIF (Operation Iraq Freedom), is one battle that one could judge based on mission command. The Road to Baghdad/Invasion involved the 3rd Infantry Division led by Major General Buford Blount, dashing to Baghdad from Kuwait in only two weeks. Central to the invasion was bypassing antagonism while on course to Baghdad, taking hold of Baghdad International Airport, launching a thunder run through the capital, and occupying the central part of the city . The division managed to hull Saddam Hussein’s bronze statue located at Baghdad’s Firdos Square down, thereby signifying the end of his long, frequently barbaric reign. Hence, Major General Buford Blount succeeded in putting up a good and productive battle because he excelled in building cohesive teams by offering a concise commander’s intent, creating a shared understanding, accepting prudent risks, and exercising disciplined initiative.
Blount provided unambiguous commander intent that created an optimized understanding by every 3rd Infantry Division member of what was necessary for them to execute and the conditions they needed to establish...

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