Write a paper about "Foods and Memories"

-There are some key words that need to be use 1.Foods 2. Memories 3.Diaspora
-Show a relationship of diaspora people with the memories of the foods (identity or culture)
-What does the memories lead to and how the food bring them.

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Foods and Memories

Foods and memories are two inseparable phenomena and this is especially so for the diaspora people. The diaspora people represent a dispersed community whose origin lies in a dispersed geographical place. Hence, the diaspora people refer to a population mass that lives in regions away from where they were born and raised, often overseas. For example, in the 6th century, Jews from outside Israel exiled to Babylon, hence forming a diaspora. Even if living in a distinct geographic locale from where they originated, the diaspora people usually make concerted efforts to acknowledge their foundational identity or culture. Hence, they will explicitly practice the cultural activities that those in the home countries engage in. This paper will attempt to investigate the role of memories of food in fortifying the diaspora people’s identity or culture. The paper will apply De Certeau assertion that the relationship between people’s day-to-day practice and institutionalized power plays a key role in shaping the direction of their discourse. In this case, the day-to-day practice represents...

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