Read the essay "Hellhole" by Atul Gawande. Answer the following two questions:

a) What would the theorists (Goffman (1st choice) / Hochschild or Mead (2nd choice) say about the experience of solitary confinement as described in Gawande's essay? Pick only 2 of the 3 theorists above in bold font.

b) Are there any aspects of the experience of solitary confinement that these theorists cannot account for? What is left out?

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The experience of solitary confinement

Gawande (2009) defines the experience of solitary confinement as the separation of people from others for prolonged periods. The author states that such an experience is deleterious, as it tends to erode away people's sense of self. Among other things, concentration, avid hallucinations, inability to control emotions, anger, trouble following words and gestures, and inability to initiate activities become a norm during separation. After release from solitary confinement, Gawande (2009) expresses that, the formerly solitary constrained person tends to regain his or her self because of social connection but this state goes away thereafter. Based on this context, this paper will attempt to fulfill two core objectives. The first is an analysis of what Goffman and Mead would say about the solitary confinement. The second objective is an evaluation of any aspect of the phenomena under consideration that the theorists cannot account.

Goffman and Mead have views concerning solitary confinement in relation to Gawande’s conceptualization

To understand what Mead and Goffman have to say concerning solitary confinement as discussed by Gawande (2009), it is of central importance to explore the theory advanced by each...

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