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Assignment Worksheet:
Using what you learned this week about developing your introductory paragraph by following the inverted triangle▼, compose your thesis statement using the topic you chose in Week 2. Then incorporate the three sub-points you will cover in the essay body paragraphs you will compose in Week 6. In addition, review/watch the previous recorded instructor session to learn how to use Smarthinking, and upload your introductory paragraph to Smarthinking. Save the Smarthinking writing tutor feedback and use it to improve upon your introductory paragraph in Week 6.

Part I: Essay Introductory Paragraph
Write your essay’s introductory paragraph in 5-7 sentences. This introductory paragraph should follow the college writing guidelines you have been learning about in the past weeks in your readings and lessons. Your last sentence is your thesis statement. Underline and/or bold your thesis statement, so that it is clear to your instructor which sentence is your thesis. Your instructor will provide specific feedback to you about your thesis. Include your introductory paragraph in the space provided in the Assignment Worksheet section on page 3. Upload your introductory paragraph draft to Smarthinking.
Note: You may also want to use the essay template (located in Blackboard) or a Word document with appropriate APA formatting (Times New Roman, 12pt font; 1-inch margins; double-spaced) as a workspace for implementing feedback from your instructor and Smarthinking. As you progress through the development of your essay in this way, you will have a completed document to submit as your final draft in Week 12.

Part II: Author Purpose
In the space provided in the Assignment Worksheet section on page 3, define your purpose for writing this essay in 5-7 sentences. In one paragraph, address the following in your purpose:

• Why are you writing about this topic?
• What do you want your readers to do or think after they finish reading your essay?
• How will you convey your purpose throughout the essay?

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Part I: Essay Introductory Paragraph

Buying foreign-made products promotes global citizenship, but prioritizing American-made products fosters excellence in every aspect of the U.S. society, including social and economic lives. Buying American-made products saves and creates jobs while promoting a...

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