1. Safety Hazard (slips, trips and falls, faulty equipment, etc.)

Safety risks refer to the conditions or substances found in the work environment which can pose danger of injuries. From falling objects to wet floors, these seemingly innocuous everyday risks have the potential to cause serious bodily harm.

To minimize these hazards, there are a few things you can do:
-Never leave machinery unattended while in use
-Practice safety while working from heights
-Mandate the use of safety gear and safety apparel, like hardhats, and safety glasses
-Have your electrical wiring inspected regularly
-Provide the proper signage (like wet floor signs) to notify employees of spills, and clean them up promptly

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Safety Hazard

All workplaces have safety hazards that can threaten the safety and health of each employee. As such, all employers, both private and public, have a legal obligation to protect their employees from safety hazards in their workplace. A safety hazard is any aspect of work that can cause safety and health risks. They are also substances or conditions in the work environment that can threaten workers through injury or harm (Somavia, 2015). For example, slips fall, and faulty equipment poses a considerable...
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