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Write a unified composition (1,500 words minimum, 2,500 words maximum) on one of topics listed below. Your writing will be judged on focus, organization, mechanics, word choice, usage, sentence structure, standard convention, and adherence to MLA style.
In your Library Research Paper, note the element(s) that best define your topic. Address general and specific elements as needed. State your views precisely and concisely in academic style.
Develop a thesis (one to three sentences) that indicates clearly and concisely the intention of your essay. Your thesis should encapsulate succinctly the point(s) you are attempting to elucidate. State your observations as assertions that you can support directly or indirectly from the primary material under discussion.
Assigned Topics:
Ernest Hemingway and Fishing
3. Do not write a book report.
4. Do not write a broad biography.
5. Focus your work on the topic.
6. Use Hemingway's work to support your ideas.
7. Research not only Hemingway, but the topic you have selected to associate with Hemingway.
8. Review the Rubric for Grading.
9. Review the MLA Style rules.
10. Use at least one book (other than Hemingway's), one academic journal, and one Internet source to support your work.
11. Do not use more than one Internet source.
12. Do not use too many quotations. Less than 10% of your paper should be direct quotes.
Double Space, font 12, Times New Roman

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The entire collection of Hemingway's works has been marked by his colorful lifestyle. As an author, he breathed in some of his own experiences, beliefs and personal views. This connection between Hemingway as a person, and Hemingway the author is what gave his works such attraction, and finally transformed Hemingway into one of the best writers in history. Sharp style and original topics of his work are complemented by a variety of unusual characters and exciting conflicts, winning the readers from all around the world. Hemingway's prose creates a place in the tradition of silence, reaching from de Sade, Kafka, Genet and Beckett towards the twisted literary imagination of the modern day (Burhans 1960: 447). Concept of value and emptiness, or the values given to humans upon birth, which are then furthered by them is accentuated by Hemingway's specific irony, which is bitter and cruel at times, almost menacing, but too important to be avoided. This allegorical view is accentuated, brought to perfection in Old Man and the Sea, in which Hemingway, maybe more so than in any other work, discusses life through allegory.
There are two distinct phases in the creative opus of Hemingway, one earlier, and one later, both with substantially different approach to nature and life. The theme that encompasses several of Hemingway's key works – relating to ethics – is that of dealing with nature, animals and life other than...

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