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Why Myra, the large painting created by Marcus Harvey in 1995, provoked a scandal in the UK despite the adoration of crime fiction in the country. In this essay, you will analyze Myra’s painting with a formal analysis and Myra’s murder and context and the reception of the painting by the public in the UK and abroad. Moreover, based on three secondary sources, you will discuss Myra’s reception and critique, by a public who is famously devoted to crime fiction, in the UK - birth place of crime fictions. Finally, in discussing the difference of medium and facts (painting, literature, reality, fiction) you will discuss the role of art in the UK, and the role of this specific painting. The idea that crime fictions were born and are still loved in the UK will be kept in mind throughout this essay.

Essay should be
- properly written (ACADEMIC ESSAY)
- plagiarism free
- organized: clear thesis statement, notable paragraphs with topic sentences, clear transitions, ARGUMENTS, facts, evidence and quotation to academic articles, journals, book…
- MLA format, with footnotes and bibliography
- 6 pages: approximately 2700words (no less than 2500)

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Public release and showing of the painting “Myra” by Marcus Harvey was held in 1995 at the “Sensation” exhibition. The release of the painting provoked immediate response from the public and the critics.
Connotations of the response were largely negative, which was unsurprising, given that the portrait depicted convicted accessory to several murders during the 1960’s.
However, it is also very peculiar that an image of a woman could provoke such immediate and strong reaction from the public, especially given the notorious affection for crime fiction and stories in the United Kingdom.
This paper aims to show why the public reacted in such a way to a seemingly innocent piece of art, because it is art, regardless of claims that try to refute that fact.
First part of the paper will be focused on a formal analysis of the painting, which will, hopefully, reveal the basic elements of artistic expression and the deeper meaning hidden behind the face of a woman which is disliked by most residents of the United Kingdom. Following this, the paper will discuss the reception of the painting in the public, with special emphasis on the underlying emotional and psychological reasons that incited such strong resistance to the piece.
A logical continuation of the work drives toward the Moors Murders, which happened during the 1960’s, and in which Myra Hindley had a pivotal role.
To accomplish this task, the paper will rely on a range of scientific, literary and other works that dealt with the subject of crime, literature and art in the United Kingdom, with special emphasis on crime fiction as a popular genre.
This is relevant because it offers a unique perspective into the actualization of crime – as a contrast between reality and fiction, which is very apparent in British society.
While on the one hand, fictional crime is applauded, real crime is not. In fact, despite it has been nearly 30 years from Myra Hindley’s arrest and incarceration, and she is still one of the most hated persons in the United Kingdom. (Walker 54-55)...

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