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Essay about the interior design of Ramses restaurant in Madrid. 1500 words

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Design can take many shapes and forms, it can imitate, fusion and absorb elements of previous design solutions.
Many designers draw from the historic sites, some take their motivation and ideas from imagination, some go as far as deriving ideas from science fiction.
Philippe Starck, one of the leading designers of today has had a long history of designing items that are both beautiful, contradictory and innovative.
Most of his work is based on duality, which is, as this paper argues, the main focus in the design of Ramses restaurant in Madrid.
What Starck does is he creates items that are influenced by, or composed from two completely different materials, which are generally considered to be incompatible (for example plastic and aluminium, or velvet and chrome) (Starck et al., 1991). Restaurant Ramses is a good example of his eclectic approach to design, as he used a variety of materials that seem incompatible, and a very unusual combination of colors. However, the final result is a very effective and eye-catching design that promoted Ramses into one of the trendiest places in Madrid.
Philippe Starck – the man, the work, the vision
Philippe Starck was born in 1949, in Paris. He is, to date, one of the most famous and respected designers. His work has spanned several industries, ranging from appliance design to interior design and architecture. One of...

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