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Can you please develop an original argument based on the themes i will provide below. Use at least 3 of the texts i will upload and the books: "The Naked Eye" by Yoko Tawada, "The Hour of the Star" by Clarice Lispector. "State of Siege" by Juan Goytisolo in your argument.

You may approach this assignment by focusing on one of your 3 chosen texts, which would then be your principal object of analysis( and books ). Or you may choose all 3texts with equal focus( and books). However you arrange the relations between 3 texts and the books, be sure to Demonstrate a Thoughtful Engagement with all of the given.



I would like you to take a look at the given and come up with an argument of your own, I will all so provide you with some of my informal essays to show you what I have been talking about in class. ( this is just for reference ) .

You can all so start an argument based on the life styles of the characters from these books and make a bigger connection with the texts and the themes. Up to you

This is a FORMAL Essay: polished, well organized and guided by a clear and precise thesis.
-Provide an original title that reflects your argument. ( the argument is based on the themes i will provide, the texts i will upload and the books)
-Be as clear as possible-explain what you mean to say, why you think it, where you see it, how your points connects to other points you're making.
-Include at least 3 quotations from each of your chosen texts/books.
-NO PLAGIARISM- No out side source( only the texts, the books )

1-inch margins;12-point Times New Roman font
8 pages
Double spaced
page number included
MLA format/Parenthetical notation

-There needs to be a straight line through the the essay.
-There needs to be a solid argument throughout the essay.
-You can have smaller arguments that is around the big argument.
-Convince and explain to the reader.
-This paper needs to have a clear thesis statement that states the relationship between the themes of the three books listed above. The relationship comparison should be backed up with quotes and examples from the book.

if it helps:

NOTE: You can all so include an art piece and talk about the bigger meaning of that piece that relates to the readings, books and the themes. the artist i would have you relate to the bigger meaning of these books readings and themes would be "Lisa Yuskavage" paintings. her paintings for me can be relatable to the themes and readings so if you can form a solid argument with one of this painters work then please you this. again the more important part is the themes books and readings.

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This material may consist of step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem or examples of proper writing, including the use of citations, references, bibliographies, and formatting. This material is made available for the sole purpose of studying and learning - misuse is strictly forbidden.

Second decade of the twentieth century can be summarized as a continuous expansion of modern liberalism and capitalist economy. Liberal democracy of the western type had just defeated the Axis, and it was expanding towards the East and South East, in the former middle-European empires, starting to slowly fortify in countries that appeared on the ruins of the Habsburg Empire and in Russia. To the modern observer, time immediately after 1918 may look like modern day, mainly because this age started on the ruins of another war, and a wall. Reactions to the end of World War I were evident not only in life, but in literature, in its discourse, which started to turn decisively towards capitalism, and move away from the antiquated sources of power. Rapid urbanization, technological advancement and industrial development all paved the way towards new forms of literary expression, and, in later years the appearance of globalization.
This paper will argue that the preoccupation with culture, utopia and changes in the perception of reality are the main determinants of modern literature, social sciences and can be traced in several diverse fields. By redesigning the categories of space, movement and giving them different perspectives, one gains insight into the phenomenon of spatiality, but within the confines of cultural construction of space. Looking at the work „Landscapes of war“, by Juan Goytisolo and a variety of other sources, this paper will try to demonstrate how preoccupation with space leads towards cultural differences – when conducted by people from different cultural upbringing – and is a good tool for observing changes in literary expression. Additionally, the paper will discuss the idea of utopia as applied in the former republic of Yugoslavia, and try to critically discuss those elements of utopian ideal that led to the events described in „Landscapes of war“. Although utopia exists on several plains – as science, literature, idea, this paper will focus on two aspects – reality and literary examination of utopian dreams.
The appearance of space in humanistic sciences, and science about culture came after a period in which the main preoccupation was time, or better said historicism. The change was brought about with the appearance of globalization, post-modern capitalism and the internet as well as the new, post-colonial insight into the difference of cultures through time (Bachmann 4), allowing space to be examined as an analytical category, principle of social relationships .
Beginning of examination of space can be traced to the 1980's, coming from the work of theoreticians such as David Harvey, Edward Soja, Derek Gregory, Steve Pile, Doreen Massey and others....

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