1. Write a narrative paragraph of at least 150 words in which you recount a detective’s interviewing a prospective witness in a matter involving a serious crime. Demonstrate correct use of these punctuation marks:
• period
• question mark
• exclamation mark
• semicolon
• colon
• comma

2. Write a paragraph of at least 150 words describing the series of mishaps that occurred whenever you planned a trip or an event and nothing went as planned. Demonstrate correct use of these punctuation marks: hyphen, dash, parentheses, quotation marks, and apostrophe.

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According to detective Murphy of the Brooklyn North Homicide Department, the call came into the 3rd Precinct shortly after 8pm on the last day of November. It was a shaky female voice, and the message was simple: a man in a black Audi had been shot, and his car had crashed into a tree on the corner of Westgate Avenue.
When the detective arrived at the crime screen shortly thereafter, he found the dead man’s body slumped on the steering wheel. On...
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