To complete this Individual Assignment:
State your research topic as clearly and concisely aspossible. Use the articles that you found and which relate to your topic to put your topic in context.Include 2–3 paragraphs on why this topic is important to you and your purpose in choosing it.Cite research literature you have found that has helpedyou select or refine your topic.

To complete this Shared Activity:
Post a brief summary of how the articles you found relate to your research topic and whether they helped you refine or clarify your topic. Include any questions you still have about how to select or refine your topic and how to search the research literature most effectively.Share ideas with your colleagues about how they can address the questions they have posted and make recommendations for refining their research topics.

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Benefits of research-Driven Decision Making in Saudi Arabia Investments
Saudi Arabia is one of the most influential countries in the world in terms of oil trade. Interestingly, (2016) points out that Saudi Arabia provides the most business friendly environment in the Middle East. The economic openness in the country leads to differing market demands, which are quite flexible. The economic openness makes it difficult for organizations management to device appropriate business structures. In other words, the difference increases risks as well as opportunities with minimal appraisal tactics. Following the challenge, organizations seek to adopt the most appropriate business method. As such, the management must determine the practical and objective decision-making approaches to increase the viability of the business ideas as well as the competitiveness and sustainability of the organization (Brynjolfsson, Hitt, and Kim, 2011). Due...

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