Analysis of a common argument: To his coy mistress by Andrew Marvell, in response to 10 prompts/questions:

1. Summarize the speaker's argument.
2. Is the argument valid?
3. How would you refute it?
4. Many consider this poem to be a satire; what is it satirizing?
5. Marvell uses a literary technique called "hyperbole" - (a form of exaggeration); give two examples.
6. Why does Marvell use hyperbole?
7. What conclusion does Marvell draw?
8. What support(s)/evidence does he give?
9. How does his commentary use the support to argue for the conclusion?
10. Write a counter-point (poetry or prose) from the woman's point of view.

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1. Summarize the speaker's argument:
There are, I think, a number of ways to construe an argument from what the speaker says. The ‘straightforward’ reading, for lack of a better term, best tracks the order of presentation of the speaker’s speech and could be summarized as follows (from the speaker’s perspective):
1. If we had far more time, such as all of it, our courtship could proceed ideally, at a pace and of a quality to our liking.
2. Our lives are short and time moves swiftly.
3. We (thus) do not have time for an ideal courtship.
4. We are both young and in our primes (for now), and we have chemistry/intense feeling for each other.
5. Therefore, you should yield to my amorous advances so that we may consummate our ‘relationship’....

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